Thursday, April 07, 2005

The most amazing thing

Today I was mowing at American Freight and happened to glance over at the bottom of 24th street. There at the stop sign was a FedX truck. I thought with relief that maybe my meds were finally delivered to my house since we live not far from there. (I have been out of them since Fri. - which is not a good thing - and the company sent them to my hospital in Columbia instead of here.) As I am tooling around, continuing to mow, a woman suddenly appears by the curb. She is the FedX delivery person and in her hands is a package. She asked if I lived at (my address). When I replied yes, she said that she had just been there and didn't have anyone to sign for the package so couldn't leave it. As she was sitting there at the stop sign, she looked over and saw my name on my truck.

Isn't God neat!


Erin said...

American Freight-did you run into that crazy breed of nasty bugs down there? I always hated mowing there because I would end up swallowing or catching disgusting critters in my mouth! Maybe I should have tried to keep my mouth shut more often, but whatever. Glad that you got your medicine! That is a neat story!

deby said...

okay-I figured out hello because I was too tight to call long distance! Haven't seen any Goliath bugs, but have my spray in the truck just in case. Why were you mowing with your mouth open anyway?