Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Mid-opaus hour

Ugggh - again I have been up for most of the night. Not my body, until 4:00 am, but my mind. I hate laying there in bed, exhausted, yet my mind will not shut off.

I am praying, thinking about the Lord, praying for a young girl who I just met that God has on my heart right now, why can't I get her off my heart, going through my day tomorrow, thinking I gotta get some sleep, thinking about chocolate, resisting the urge to go down and eat some chocolate chips (only because we are out of milk), thinking about how much weight I still have to lose, what am I going to wear with my jeans (again) for church, what are the dogs barking at, my flowers that I have planted, when will they start to grow, when will the rest of them get here, if anyone has commented on my blog, bills to pay, man the boys have grown up fast, Nichalas turns 17 May 3rd, Adam sure was in a talking mood tonight, I am thankful he was asking me for advice about a work situation, how far he and I have come, thankful that the Lord is in their lives, how long will it take me to do maintanace on my equipment tomorrow, is it going to rain before Friday, will I have to mow Saturday, I really wanted to go fishing this weekend, only if the wind is out of the east or is it the west, fishing is best or least from the west or the east, can not wake Curt up to ask him, man he snores loud, how can he just lay there and sleep making all that noise, and he says he doesn't snore, I should tape him sometime, thinking about chocolate again, now I have to pee, afraid if I do my body will get in the habit and then every night at this time I'll have to wake up to go, hell, I am not asleep anyway, does this never end, I would love to get a whole nights sleep, at least I don't have it where I wake up drenched in sweat, maybe I can wash the sheets tomorrow, I love to sleep on line dry sheets, right, what a joke, sleep...........

So here I am again in the wee midnight hours, thinking I'll try laying down, knowing that I will be getting my best sleep around 6:00am. Just in time to get up.

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