Monday, January 27, 2014

"Answered" - 01/26/14 - Genesis 41-41

"Not I, but God. (41:16)

All I did was pray.  At times, on my knees with my whole heart.  Moments between breaths, as I went about my day.  Hurriedly lifted up, when something reminded me.  At night, right before sleep, thinking of things I had forgotten "to do".  Not at all. 

How He brings me comfort.  Knowing and standing on The Promise - it isn't me.  It is His Holy Spirit who prays to Him from within me.  "Likewise the Spirit also helps our weakness: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groaning's which cannot be uttered." (Romans 8:26)

That it is Him, not me. 

It was during communion today, He opened my eyes to look about and see.Are visitors allowed to take communion at North Church? 
                                                                                                        To see all His answered prayers. 

My husband and our oldest son, Adam, worshiping there with me.  Knowing at this same time, our Nichalas/Amber are also in their church, hundreds of miles away in Phoenix, worshiping.  A regular thing.  A lifestyle thing.  Not just pew sitters.  My "sisters" to my right.  Smiles, laughter, hugs.  A young father, with his daughter.  And his wife.  This couple we have been lifting up, for God to bring them back together.  Seeing a rebuilding going on.  A young couple serving communion.  My Stevie and Cody.  How a few years ago, there was just something about her, that captured my heart and I began to pray for her from a few pews back.  Not knowing her, except to say "hi".  Just rejoicing at watching from afar her smile and their total surrender of selves to our ABBA.  And today, they both still serve communion, but we no longer are "afar".  We are sharing life and hearts.  How they have taken ABBA's direction, started a Bible Study group, which our Adam is regularly attending.  Seeing another young man sitting ahead of me.  Shaun, who accepted an invite to our Bible Study group, and now brings a friend Carrie.  How ABBA has taken the dream Curt and I had and made it grow into the Family Bible Study it is.  Seeing women who He has brought me together with through Blog Through the Word, through Women's Ministry.  How much richer my life is.  Thinking of others who are answered prayers.  Their growth.  Their love.  How He shines through them. 

I love the time of  Communion.  Time to sit and reflect.  To thank and be blown away by His Awesomeness.  His answered prayers, no matter how I pray or don't pray. 

It is not I, but Him. 

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