Thursday, January 09, 2014

"So clean" - 01/09/14 - Job 21-23

"Give in to God, come to terms with Him and everything will turn out just fine. 22 Let Him tell you what to do; take His words to heart. 23 Come back to God Almighty and He'll rebuild your life. Clean house of everything evil. (22:21-23)

             "Give in", "come to", "Let Him", "take His Words to heart", "Come back to", "clean house"
                                                - His Words - which catch my heart.

He isn't pushing His ways upon me, He is requesting, pleading, desiring, recommending,  me to follow His Ways, which He knows is the best for me.  He gives me free-will, free choice.

                 "everything will turn out just fine",  "He'll (not may or if, but will) rebuild your life" -

     -  His promises - that fill my heart.

And still, I go back to my ways of trying to make my life be what He desires it to be, my way and my time.  And time after time, I fail.  How stubbornness and pride, pure stupidity, laziness, rebellion, are my choices over Him. 

                                                       What in the world is wrong with me during these times?????

My prayers this morning were from the tips of my toes, to the top of my head.  I cried out to Him, pleaded with Him, please change me from the inside out, give me a Christlike heart - to love as He loves.  Create in me eyesight to look at all persons through His eyes.  Remove from me anything and all things that brings Him sadness.  Not for my glory, but for His.

And within moments of that prayer.  Within moments of being in my alone time with Him, I am allowing self to get in the way. 

How thankful I am that He never tires of me. 
Always willing to redirect me when throwing "self" in the way of His progress. 
How He is able to take all things about me, good and bad, using me for His glory. 
How thankful I am that He is The Master "rebuilder" and never tires of the endless job of "rebuilding" me.

How thankful I am that He helps me "clean my heart of everything evil"  -
                          that no job is too big for my ABBA.          

           I so thank Him for how He unconditionally, continually, steadfastly, loves me. 

And that I am His. 

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