Monday, January 13, 2014

"Reachable" - 01/13/14 - Job 35-37

"Mighty God! Far beyond our reach! (37:23)

He isn't you know.  "Beyond our reach". 

He is everywhere about us.  And for those who are in His Covenant, who have accepted Christ as their Savior, He is living within us - through The Holy Spirit.  We are given the "tools" in knowing Him through His Word.

I shake my head in wonder at those who refuse Him.  I am baffled at their choice to turn away and not open the door He is knocking on.  I watch them as they scurry here and there, trying to fill the voids, trying to live life their way, and see them constantly come away empty.  Come away in failure. 

That was me.  I was one who used to turn away from Him.  I was one who choose to walk in the darkness, the emptiness of self. 

I rejoice in knowing, He is not beyond my reach.  He is my all, my bestest friend.  He is my "I AM", my ABBA. 
It only took my opening the door and receiving Him into my heart, my soul, my life.  He lives within and about me, as "we", not I, walk through this journey of eternal life.  My old life died and eternity with Him happened the moment when I accepted Christ. 

Christ.  His only Son.  Who He gave as the ultimate sacrifice for sin.  Why?  Because of His great love for me.  For all. 

The only way He could become "reachable" to us. 

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