Wednesday, January 08, 2014

"Remembered" - 01/08/14 - Job 17-20

"They'll never again be remembered - nameless in unmarked graves." (18:17)

When remembering persons who are deceased, Jesus is the first who comes to mind.  The greatest thing about Him to me is, I don't view Him as "deceased".  Unlike others who I remember, they are dead.  They don't lie in unmarked graves, but still are beneath the headstones - dead.

Surveys reveal that Jesus is the most "remembered" of all persons who have passed.  It usually takes three, sometimes only two, generations and most persons are forgotten or just a very distant memory.  After a number of years, we still hear of Elvis, Marilyn, etc., but they are not "known".  And as the years pass, persons who actually lived life with them are dead too.  At some point and time, those who are alive when you are, will die.  Dead.  Underneath a headstone, spread out over the lands or seas, buried in an unknown grave, but still dead.

And the memory of you - is pretty much dead too.

Sure, photos, journals, can be looked back on, or stories heard, which may or may not be passed down, but still you are not "known".  You are dead.  There isn't any way to live life with a dead person - they are gone.

But our Savior! 
                               Our Jesus! 

                                                  He is ALIVE!! 

                                                                                 Sitting at the right hand of our ABBA.  

The Holy Spirit, He left so we may have "The Helper" live within us.  His Word, is alive and a personal love letter from ABBA.  It is all Truth.  It is His way of having us Live life With Him.  In and Through Him. 

It saddens me in seeing the worship of others, or things.  How so many have raised someone or something to be their god.  Usually the qualification consists of a huge bankroll.  It is really scary the power persons are given today, by others, based on their money and popularity.  How people ride the waves, going here or there, in who or what they worship. 

I worship Jesus.  It is through His Word I have come to know Him, to live in an intimate relationship with Him.  To have my faith become and grow even more steadfast in a Savior who is alive.  Not dead.  He is the only one to overcome death, so I may live.  Why would I put my faith and trust in something or someone, who can not overcome death? 

Yet, even though my faith is growing, my heart is transforming, I am still human and there are some moments when I do exactly that.  I put "death" before Him.  I choose to put myself before Him. 

Yet another blessing from worshiping my Savior - who is alive - is the gift of His Grace and Mercy and Forgiveness.  The times I do stumble, He is there.  He who is alive, never leaves me,  He has rescued me from being dead, "nameless in unmarked graves".

Yes, I will die.

I will not be remembered by those here on earth, but I will be alive and I will be remembered, treasured, and Living with Him - eternally -in Heaven - along with all the others He has "remembered".       


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