Friday, January 10, 2014

"His Gifts!" - 01/10/14 - Job 24-28

"And to man He said, 'Behold, the fear of The Lord, that is Wisdom ; And to depart from evil is understanding.' " (28:28)

Fear as a response to God and His deeds is so important an aspect of Biblical Faith and Life, that Fear actually occurs as an epithet of God Himself. Jacob describes the Lord as The "Fear of Isaac" His Father ( Gen 31:42 ), suggesting that Isaac had such reverential submission to The Lord that The Lord, to him, was the embodiment of fear.

Usually, however, the fear of The Lord is an inducement to obedience and service: to fear God is to do His Will. This equation appears most prominently in covenant contexts, especially in Deuteronomy, where the appeal is to serve The Lord, as evidence of proper recognition of His Sovereignty. The Lord as King demands and deserves the awesome respect of His people, a respect that issues in obedient service.

Fear of God also lies at the heart of successful living in the world.

Wisdom literature makes it clear that the fear of The Lord, is the beginning of Wisdom, a fear equated with the "knowledge of The Holy One" ( Prov 9:10 ; 1:7 ; Psalm 111:10 ). To fear God is to know Him and to know Him is to fear Him.

Such healthy fear enables one to praise God ( Psalm 22:23 ; Rev 14:7 ); to enjoy benefits and blessings at His Hand ( Psalm 34:9 ; Psalms 103:11 Psalms 103:13 Psalms 103:17 ); to rest in peace and security ( Psalm 112:7-8 ); and to experience length of days ( Prov 10:27 ; 19:23 ).

But fear of God, also produces fear of wrath and judgment, in those who do not know Him or who refuse to serve Him.

There are, thus, two sides of the fear of The Lord that which produces awe, reverence, and obedience.....

 and that which causes one to cower in dread and terror in anticipation of His displeasure.

(Dictionaries - Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology - Fear)

Which fear do you live in?
We are promised the gift of Wisdom through His Word.  Why live life without that Gift?  Or for that matter, any other of the innumerable "gifts" He gives us.

All we have to do is accept them.  They are all "paid in full".

Take some time and google "Gifts from God".  Then take a moment to reflect on the ones He gives you in your day-to-day life, the steps of your past journey.  Write them down.  Post them where you can read and be reminded.  Promise - He will blow you away!!!

His gifts - they keep on giving.    

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