Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"He Speaks" - 01/14/14 - Job 38-39

Pull yourself together, Job! Up on your feet! Stand tall!(38:3)

How easily it is for us to crumble to the ground, because we forget "whose" we are.  "Whom" we get our strength from.  "Who" it is that is in control. 

How easily it is to focus on the storms of life, rather than stay focused on Him.  He needs us to be at the ready for the battles we will come up against, so He provides for us.  "And now, finally, God answered Job from the eye of a violent storm." (38:1)  He answers in His time and His way.  He is always there - even from "the eye of a violent storm".   

I love how He is bringing to Job's attention, we are mere humans.  He is the one who is Almighty, The Creator of All.  I love how He speaks knowingly and intimately of His Creations.  The laughter of the ostrich, although not "created very smart".  Speaking to the oceans as a living being, not just a body of waters. 

I love how He has created all of this - for us. 

I also love how He lovingly puts us in our place, when we become "too big for our britches".    How His Hand doesn't smack us out of eternity.  How His touch may be firm at times, but is always gentle.  I love how His Words completely transform our hearts, our lives, when we take in what He speaks. 

I love in reading how He has such love for His Creation of nature and the animals, His Love for we humans is ever more.

I am so in love His Words.   

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