Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Crowing" - 01/11/14 - Job 29-31

"Did I ever crow over my enemy's ruin? Or gloat over my rival's bad luck?"  (31:29)

We are told to leave revenge to our ABBA.  With Him transforming my heart, it is getting easier to step back out of His way.  What I still struggle with is "crowing".  Sometimes out loud, but more often than not, in my mind.  It is taking great discipline and willpower to pray "in love' for those who have hurt me.  It is taking everything I am to not fall into apathy, to continue looking at them through Christ eyes and not turning a blind eye, or my back, to them. 

There is a freedom that comes from "shaking the dust", but also to be on guard that my heart does not become hardened towards my enemies.  It is so easy to love the lovable He has placed in my life, even when they are at times "unlovely".  But when it comes to the ones who don't "love" and want only to cause injury to me, it is only through and in Him I am able to be Christ like.  And even then, I fail at times. 

When reading the Psalms and other accounts in His Word, I see prayers going up to destroy and rain down revenge, upon the enemy.  Isn't this a contradiction to the Message of Christ?  Our Savior who hung on The Cross, beseeching His ABBA, "Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing?" 

He is teaching me, by lifting up my enemies in love, praying His blessings to fall into their lives, only then will my vision of them change, will their "hold" on me be broken.  They fall from the place of "enemy" to that of  sorrow filled empathy.  I am able to forgive them, extend to them grace and mercy.  And in His ways, which often makes no sense to the human mind - He enables me to "love" them. 

Genuinely love them.  No matter what they have done, or will do, to me. 

He has opened my eyes to see when I am "gloating" over them, I am bringing sorrow to His Heart.  There are none, none, that He wants to be lost. 

And that is what they are.  Lost.

By their "fruits" they are known and what is in their hearts.  The Truth always comes out. 

Knowing this fact, has given me the ability to let "getting revenge" go.  My ABBA has everything covered and He is in control.             

Only He knows the whole paradigm, only He is able to do it all, see it all and work with everyone.  Even those who seem to be uncooperative.  And that is what I am when I am all about revenge - uncooperative.  Uncooperative, when He needs me to be His Vessel, no matter the pain, inconvenience, or the unfairness.  He needs me to be set on Him.  Not myself.

He has a way of changing hearts. 

I am proof of that.  Continually, He works on mine...............with every beat. 

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