Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Part of" - 10/30/14 - Luke 17:11-18:14

"Because God's kingdom is already among you."(17:21)

His Home, for the past two nights, has been filled with "His Kingdom Come".

My sibling.

Their voices, laughter, smiles - the all of them - have left their echo in each nook and cranny - also in my heart.

How much I love when He uses His home for His children.  How much I love to be His child, celebrating Him in the safety and comfort of each other.

Even though I hadn't makeup on, my clothes were super comfy lounge abouts, my hair was on top of my head, probably containing bits of leaves still there from the quick shake out before showering, I felt completely comfortable and accepted with each of my siblings.  Standing at the kitchen sink, my heart seemed as though it would burst from the amount of love we have for one another  radiating throughout the rooms. 

How He so blesses my all.
Not only in face to face time, but through the gift of the internet, phones, Skype, and old fashioned "snail mail". 

Living life to the fullest isn't about how we spend our time, it is who we are spending it with. 

ABBA's Kingdom Come. 

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