Friday, October 17, 2014

"Pie" - 10/17/14 - Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9:1-17

"You are the equipment."(Mark 6:8)

Just trying to get my day going.  I had a schedule I wanted to keep and life was getting in the way. 

My Bible study.  Make a phone call.  Get outside and start to fill up the dumpster with the accumulated "stuff" laying around our place. 

Sounds pretty simple. 

Reality stepped in.  Phone call from Dish tech to see if they could come this am instead of afternoon to realign our dish.  Installation of new roof bumped it off its mark.  Phone call I needed to make to insurance adjuster, notifying him roof is done.  Can not find bid from roofer anywhere.  How is it by getting organized you begin to lose things?  I have kept it in our inbox since receiving it, taking it out to figure out sum contractor requested before job started, and swore I put it back.  Obviously not.  Phone call made to insurance and all I can recall is the name of the representative who we were working with.  No figures.  No nothing.  Zach, dish tech, arrives and I am spending my time going between him and boxes.  Curt will be excited to have his sports channels up and running. 

Zach.  dish tech.  really neat guy.  friendly.  feeling a little under the weather. 

This is who ABBA had on my schedule this am. 

And how was I with that? 

Let's just say "Deby Downer" was visiting with Zach on our front porch.  Standing there on this beautiful fall day, living a life with blessings raining down on me, like the leaves which have begun falling from the trees. 

Our conversation wasn't about the beauty He has given us, showing off His colors.  It wasn't about this perfectly crisp weather.  Nor was it about how He blessed Zach with an easy fix on the dish.  Instead - we began to discuss taxes, the state of the world, government, corporate America. 

And the more we talked, the "downer" my self was feeling.  I was agitated because "my" schedule wasn't on target. 

This morning, nor any other time, is to be about "my" anything.  It is to be all about Him and who He has put onto my path. 

I am His - "the equipment".  His seed planter.  His Warrior.  One of many to reach those outside of Him. 

I am so sick of "Deby Downer" being a part of my being.  Slowly He is shedding this unsightly garbage I continually bring along with my "job".  I so love when she isn't involved, how much lighter and higher my life is. 

He is holding me accountable.  He is growing me His way.  And I am learning He has provided for me all the equipment I need to do work for Him. 

He works best when it is just "me", particularly after eating humble pie.

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