Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Words" - 10/22/14 - Matthew 18

"When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action.   And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I'll be there."(19-20)

I easily drank down the two glasses of mixture she gave me.  It was clear, pretty much tasteless and cold.  Not long after, I began to feel it within me, working its way through my body.  The coldness came from within me and eventually overtook my whole body.  Sitting there for an hour, waiting.  His Words coming from within my heart and going through my mind.   Semi watching a program playing on the TV with total sorrowfulness.  Distaste.  I don't usually watch the talk or commentary shows.  Again, I was reminded as to why not.

How easily we drink up the words of others.  These persons sitting there have been put into such a position where they are now influencing millions.  Most of them come from nothing and now have a material wealth that surpasses any dreams they ever had.  And people lap up what their words usually based on the status their dollars have put them at. 

How far away from His Word are their words.  I actually shuddered at times while listening, knowing it was from the evil and not from the coldness of the drink within me.  I am so thankful His Word surpasses any I was hearing.  Knowing without a doubt, His are solid, never changing Truth.

The nurse came and got me. We made our way to the machine that was programed to take pictures of my insides.  I lay there and marveled at the way ABBA has created us to invent such equipment, procedures.  As the dye began to make its way through, I wondered about who it was that came up with this and then to the one who volunteered to see if it would work.  So much action going on, completely unseen with my eyes, amongst the sounds that broke the silence in the room. 

It was then I was really hit with the Power of ABBA. 

His peace, joy, all the Fruits of The Spirit, came flowing from within and completely overtook me.  Much like the drugs and dye administered to me.  So many were lifting me up to Him with their words.  He never isn't here.  He is never not "taking action". 

Driving home, the heated seats on, 90 degree heat blasting out upon me, slowly driving out the coldness within me.  Exactly as He drives out the coldness of fear.  of doubt.  of sin. 

I was reminded over and over as I took in His amazing and awesome paint colors throughout the drive home, just one way He shows off His Glory to us.  This has to be the most beautiful fall I have ever experienced. 

His Prayer Warriors, as numerous and colorful as the leaves on the trees, surrounding me, lifting me up with their heartfelt words.  This is where He is showing off  His greatest Glory - through them.  Through each of us.  The Creator of all, desires most is to be with us.  Desires most to share all of us with Him.  To be our Bestest Friend. 

To exchange words with Him.  For us to lap up His Words and not the world's.

His Word continually tells me -
No matter the results, I know He has me and He has this. 

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