Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Just a Reminder" - 06/24/15 - I Kings 15:1-24, 2 Chronicles 13-16

For David had lived an exemplary life before God all his days, not going off on his own in willful defiance of God's clear directions (except for that time with Uriah the Hittite). (I Kings 15:5)

How often do we focus on the "except for" instead of the grace and mercy ABBA covers us with?  Instead of the forgiveness we receive when accepting our Savior?  Forgiveness for all of our "except for" in our past, present, and future? 

How often do we allow the "except for" to hinder our growth "in" Him?  Do we decide to put ourselves above God and deem what "except for" are forgiven - in ourselves and others? 

How often do we pick apart self or others, by becoming self-righteous and basing our love, our compassion, on our standards? 

How often do we love as Christ does and look past the "except for" and see self and others "made in His image"...........

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