Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Yet Another" - 06/25/15 - 1 Kings 15:25-16:34; 2 Chronicles 17

"he provoked THE LORD, THE GOD, of Israel, to anger." (I Kings 15:30) 

So many times throughout the history of man, we have provoked THE LORD to anger. 

Where is our fear? 

We have been studying Revelation these past few weeks in our Bible Study Group, and I am so thankful I am on the winning side.  During the second coming is not the place I want to be nor for that matter, anyone I know or don't know. 

God's wrath will be unleashed. 

We came away last night after study with the thanksgiving of how He gives us chance after chance when we sin.  It isn't His intention to destroy us, it is His intention to save us.

Why else would He sacrifice His only Son for us.

From the mouths of some I have heard our God must not be a loving God to allow the bad to happen in our journeys here on earth.  I feel we have no idea how "bad" things could be, if it wasn't for His intervention.  His protection. 

Our lives here aren't what He intended when He created the world and us.  Throughout all of Scripture, we read how He gave "us", yet another chance.  The Garden of Eden was a place without sin, until both Adam and Eve made the choice to disobey.  How easily THE LORD could have destroyed them then.  But He gave "us", yet another chance.  He gave "us", yet another chance, in having Noah build an ark and be in it. 

He gave "us", yet another chance, through the death and resurrection of our Savior. 

Through our Savior we are given the gift of Grace and Mercy.  This doesn't mean we have the freedom to blatantly sin, it means we are covered when we do.  And we will. 

We are all given the free choice to obey or not obey His Will.  To accept or not accept the gift of His Son.  Freedom to be His or not to be His. 

As long as there is breath within us, as long as it is before the final days, we have been given, yet another chance.  A chance to be redeemed from when we have "provoked The LORD to anger. 

I pray you are taking it.  Before it is your "last chance".     


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