Sunday, June 07, 2015

"Much Revenue" - 06/07/15 -Proverbs 13-15

"Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, But much revenue comes by the strength of the ox."(14:4)

I'm not calling them oxen.  But I am thinking how much these past few days relate to this verse.

The "Lotter Invasion" has come to an end. 

Scattered throughout our home are reminders of how full this place has been these past few days.  Just like my heart. 

The voices.  The laughter.  Are ringing through my ears.  The images of each one pressed into my heart, as keepsakes between the pages of a book. 

Our home before their coming had most everything in its place.  except where we are remodeling the downstairs bath.  The floors were clean.  things were dusted.  laundry caught up.  beds were made. 

My manger was clean.

And so, so empty. 

Of life.

So much strength have I gathered from these persons.  Their wisdom.  their unconditional love.  their delight in living life.  their sharing.  their caring.  their welcoming us into their hearts and lives.

As Steve has said often throughout these days, "this is a glimpse of what Heaven will be like when we are all together under one roof".  For eternity. 

The "revenue" I have gained from my siblings being here - numbers can not count my wealth. 

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