Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Vessels Of His Strength" - 06/27/15 - 1 Kings 20-21

"Go, strengthen yourself and observe and see what you have to do" (20:22)

Yesterday, what a wonderful day!  It was because of the rains I was able to take the day off and spend it with our daughter-in-love, Mrs. Amber.  Even though it meant being a bit behind in our mowing, I wouldn't trade the moments and memories made for anything. 

We enjoyed a great lunch with her mom, Cindy Brink, after hitting a few of the little shops in downtown Quincy.  After dropping Cindy back at her office, Amber and I continued on to explore a few other shops in our quest to find a bolo tie for Nichalas, before hitting Aldi's to stock up on groceries for the coming week. 

We were doing "girly things". 

There aren't enough words to express how grateful and blessed I am in having a girl now.  Not that I didn't enjoy having our Adam and Nichalas, for I did so in every way, but I know I have missed out on "girly things".   It was in looking at the relationships most mothers and daughters share when older,  that I would find myself thinking it would have been nice to have a girl for the later years.

And how our ABBA has delivered. 

For the past 10 years she and Nichalas have been together, she has been a precious treasure in my heart.

In the scripture given to me today, I recognize how ABBA has given me so many others to help strengthen me along with His Word and my intimate relationship with Him.  Yesterday while out,  there were so many of my "siblings" whose paths crossed mine.  With each bright eyed greeting, hug, and catch up conversations, I came away "strengthened" and reinforced how much He loves me through others.

I look around and see how He showers me continually with love from others.  His "showers" give me emotional and spiritual  nourishment needed for walking in this journey. 

I also need reinforcement for the physical strengthening.

Amber and I have added a new element to our relationship.  We are each others accountability partner for our food intake, exercise, strengthening our bodies.  She hasn't a weight issue, but there are some food groups which wreck havoc on her body and she is trying to eliminate them.  Taking care of our "temple".  It isn't so I will look great, I want to feel great.  It isn't that I want to be the size I was years ago, although I do I desire to get back into my smaller clothes, I want to be able to do physical things with Curt and our children.  While looking through their trip pictures, I find myself yearning to explore the breathtaking beautiful places of nature our ABBA has created.  I can't at this moment because of the condition of my 'temple". 

ABBA has given me this body and I have abused it with the wrong foods.  with too much food and not enough exercise. 

 All of us in Christ have been commissioned to "go and make disciples".  It is the toughest job we will ever do.  A job we must strengthen ourselves and be prepared.  At the ready for  all The Divine Appointments He sets up for us. 

Just as I need help from His family to strengthen myself in my spiritual, emotional walk, I need help for my physical.  He has helped me in how He provided His family for all of us to draw strength from Him through. I pray He is using me as His vessel to help strengthen others as well. 

For there is strength in numbers.  And I love being one of His "numbers". 

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