Tuesday, June 02, 2015

"My Curt" - 06/02/15 - Song of Solomon 1-8

"This is my beloved and this is my friend" (5:16)

We were still working at 8 o'clock last night.  I was planting flowers and he was framing up a wall in the bathroom.  This was after we had put in a full day of work for our clients.  He was taking a breather, before finishing up a little bit more and calling it a day. 

My beloved, my friend.

We talked, as I continued planting.  Talked about how blessed our life is.  Having our Adam home.  His invaluable help, both physical and mentally, with the business.  How nice it would be to have that stamina, physical strength once again.  How exciting for Nichalas/Amber as they head out on their adventure home.  How they live life to the fullest, creating such beautiful memories.  How they are truly each others best friend and complete each other so.  I listen to him when he is speaking to our children.  My heart is full knowing the sound of his voice, his advice, is tucked into their hearts.  I pray his days are plenty, knowing the day he is called Home will be one of great, great sorrow for them. 

My heart gave thanks my beloved, my friend, is the father and friend of my children.   

We talked about our home.  How it is finally feeling like the gift ABBA has given us and not another's place we happen to reside in.  The plans we have, or rather I have, and he goes along because that is how he is. 

My beloved, my friend, who is patient and gives a hand in making my dreams a reality.

I have a picture of him taped to the bottom left corner of my computer screen.  It is from 1982.  Taken during a softball game, on one of our first dates.  In it, I have captured his smile.  His blond hair is longer, a bit curly, and more of it.  In seven days it will be 33 years since our first date and still, when looking at him my heart will leap as it did back then. 

My beloved, my friend, whom I adore and desire.

There are moments he causes me laughter.  to become flustered when still - he flirts with me.  joy.  peace.  contentment.  frustration.  pain.  the one who accepts and loves me as I am.  the one whom I am able to be completely myself with. 

My beloved, my friend, the one who has my heart and I his.

We spend most of our time together as we work and live life.  It amazes me how being such fickle human beings, we haven't grown tired of each other.  So many memories, adventures, moments spent together.  It amazes me after all the valleys we have journeyed through to the mountain tops, we are still together, stronger instead of weaker.  We are only as one because we turned "us" over to our ABBA.  It delights my soul to see him as a warrior for our Lord.  It delights my soul knowing we have/will share our days here together, but also eternity.

My beloved, my friend, my brother in Christ.

"My Curt".

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