Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Each Day" - 04/30/16 - Psalm 102-104

"My days are like a shadow that lengthens.
And I wither away like grass."(102:11)

There are moments when passing by a mirror I am shocked at who I see.  It is hard to believe enough years have passed where I am the age of my parents and they are my grandparents age.  Even harder to grasp is our children are our age.

I so believe around the age of 35 your face shows exactly what you carry in your heart.  Many times while we are out, I am watching the faces of others we pass by or meet face to face.  So many never smile or have that twinkle in their eye.  Be it from stress, worries, busyness, or they have such a hardened heart.  My heart always leaps in joy though when looking into the face of an elderly Christ follower. 

They shine.

They shine from deep within themselves.  They are so beautiful you end up carrying the image of their face with you.  They give you a heartsmile.

Studies have shown married couples, even people and their pets, begin to look alike as they age.  They take on the same mannerisms, expressions, etc. These Christ followers have walked and lived "in" Him for so long, they look like Him. 

I really don't mind getting older in some ways.  The closer to Him I become - I feel younger, healthier, joyful, peaceful.  Free.

I don't deny minding time and life is passing too quickly.  On the flip side of that though, it is closer to the time of being together forever in Heaven with His family.  I do mind my body isn't able to do the things it used to, nor have the energy, strength, endurance.  It is hard to fathom one day I won't be able to do even the little things - like go to the store, up and down steps, etc.  That is just how it is with our earthly bodies.  They wear out.

And the end of each day brings an awareness there is now one less than those ahead. 
There are so many moments He gives me a taste of Heaven.  I drink it in. 
I pray I am living life to the fullest.  For Him. 
Not wanting to waste a moment.

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