Thursday, April 21, 2016

"The Defender" - 04/21/16 - 2 Samuel 1-4

"Joab and his men then marched all night, arriving in Hebron as the dawn broke".(2:32)

I think about how much God defends me.......and mostly I am unaware of the different ways, the extent.  When mowing or weed eating along a road, I think about angels guarding our backs against the cars coming up behind us.  With a blink of an eye...........

I think about how He and His army never stop.  This verse brings a picture to my minds eye of His vast army, marching as one, headed for battle - for me.  For you.  For His family. 

They say it is always darkest before the dawn.  It seems whenever we are in a trial, or valley, when we feel there is no hope - His army arrives - at the dawn. 

There are times we are so unaware of the spiritual battle raging about us and we are reminded,
He is always there with each and every step. 

For He is always aware. 
He is right there in the thick of it all - guiding, protecting, keeping the peace.
He is The Commander in Chief. 

What a comfort I receive knowing He is on the march........all night long.  

Knowing He always, always arrives as the dawn breaks.  
Knowing in the death of His Son - our Savior - at the dawn He arose and won the battle over the grave - over sin. 

I love knowing I am on the side which has won. 
In Him, we belong to an army that is always marching, taking up the call to win others to Him. 

Arriving at The dawn of awakening to Him. 

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