Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"He Raised His Hand" - 04/20/16 - Psalm 121, 123-125, 128-130

My Help comes from The Lord,
Who made heaven and earth. (121:2)

At the auction, it was alone. 
Over in the shadows, leaned up against the wall of the old home.

Its legs had been removed and they were now resting by its wooden top, which was covered by layers and layers of ugly, old varnish. When it came time to bid on it, no one raised their hand.

Except me.
I bought it for $2.

I bought it at a time in our financial life when $2 was much like $2000. It wouldn't fit into the car, so I had to go home and get my Curt and our truck.

He wasn't impressed with my "bargain", knowing our finances and how often my "bargains" entailed work from him.

He kept his thoughts to himself as we loaded it into the truck and took it home.

I put the legs back on by myself. The table wobbled. I tightened them and the wobble lessened. There were many moments, while sitting at the table, I would pick at the old varnish, thinking I needed to take the time and do it proper.

It took the help of others to make the needed changes.

Upon closer inspection, Curt discovered I had put the legs on backwards. No more wobble. My mom, newly retired with time on her hands, took the table and upon its return it had transformed from ugly to beautiful. 

This happened 25 years ago, and each time I am reminded of my "self" when I look or sit at our $2 table.

At the auction, my ABBA is the only one who raised His Hand.
He bought me at the price of His Son.
He placed me in His Church, my new Home.

It has taken the help of Him,
His Son,
The Holy Spirit,
His Word,
His Family,
in the work of transforming my "self".

He has taken the "ugly" and transformed it into "beautiful". His Beloved.

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