Monday, April 25, 2016

"Our Free Will" - 04/25/16 - 1 Chronicles 3-5

"They were the potters....., resident potters who worked for the king." (4:23)

How often do I become so full of self - I forget - I am only a mere potter for God. 
He is The Master Potter and everything I have, I am - all comes from Him. 
I am only a vessel for Him to use, to bring glory to Him.

The day our Savior rose from the grave was the day which represents a new covenant between God and His people.  It isn't because of anything I have produced from the clay.  It is only because of Christ and His works that I am free. 
All are free who abide In Him. 

If they choose to.

There is the story of the scientist who was going to prove God wasn't real by producing a diamond from a piece of coal.  He claimed he was able to produce the same beauty God did.  God agreed to the challenge.  As the man bent down to pick up the coal, God told him, "Wait  - you have to create your own piece of coal".   Being a resident potter, I am only able to produce from what He provides.  It is His clay, His wheel, His Hands which guide me. 
Again, I am only a tool.
If I choose to be.

I pray throughout my growth In Him, I will never forget it is only because of The Sacrifice Christ made for me that I may be with our Abba eternally.  It isn't because of my works, my gifts, or talents nor how "good" I am.  
Eternity with ABBA is only when in Christ - The King. 
It is only if I ask Him to be.  My King. 

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