Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Aspire To" - 12/29/16 - Revelation 15-18

"They will go to war against The Lamb but The Lamb will defeat them,
proof that He is Lord over all lords, King over all kings,
and those with Him
will be the called, chosen, and faithful.”(17:14)


I sat in the auditorium with others who had come to pay their respect and support to Ron's family.  I listened to words spoken of this true man of God from His family and friends and wondered when my time came, would such words be spoken of me. For His Glory.  Not mine.

I thought about how before the world began, our ABBA knew whom would be gathered in that room.  Whose lives would be touched by Ron and Carolyn Summers, their family.  I listened to Lance sing words of praise to our ABBA.  Thinking about how our step become intertwined and end up sharing this life.  this journey towards home.  together. 

And all the while as we walk.  He knew from the very beginning.  Whose steps would share the path.

I heard the words from those who knew him best of what a Love He has always had for our ABBA.  How he instilled it in every aspect of his life.  How He was a mighty Warrior, husband, father, grandfather, friend.  How he always looked at life with the glass half full. 

I wondered as I listened to his grandsons speak, will I be leaving such a Godly legacy for the future generations stemming from my blood. 

In this world of darkness, I am so blessed and encouraged when being able to witness a family such as this, who lived as our ABBA planned for family to be.  There are so many persons He has placed in my life, whom I glean and aspire to become more like. 

I came away with such a sadness for my sister and friend, Carolyn.  She told me she has lost her soul mate and doesn't know how she will go on.  Her loss is only until Heaven for our Savior has conquered death.  But until then, she will mourn and grieve.  She will also smile and take out the treasure of memories she carries in her heart from their many years together. 

I know this without doubt.  For they shared an intimacy with our ABBA.  An intimacy producing what is needed to carry on.  Carry on while our ABBA is holding them in the palm of His Hand.  Knowing they are not alone nor are they carrying this burden alone.

I came away aspiring to become more like Christ with each breath I take.  I aspire because of our Christ I see shining brightly through them.   I look about today and I see "those with Him will be the called, chosen, and faithful.”  All because of our ABBA, through His family.  I aspire. 

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