Thursday, December 01, 2016

"May It Be" - 12/01/16 - 1 Corinthians 15-16

"Keep your eyes open,
hold tight to your convictions,
give it all you've got,
be resolute, 
and love without stopping."(16:13,14)
May it be our eyes are wide open and we live this life based on and in Christ.  May the standards we live by be from His Word. 
May it be we aren't merely skimming through this brief life.  But as we go, we are giving it all we have, drinking in each blessed moment.  Each and every second.  For Him.
May it be in this short walk toward Home, nothing nor anyone, is causing us to lose focus on our Savior. And with each step as we go, we are making Disciples for Him. 
And most of all, as we live this life where He has placed us, may it be we are loving Him and others.  Loving as He Loves. "Love without stopping".
Heaven isn't a destination - it is the future address of those in Him. 

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