Wednesday, December 07, 2016

"For His Glory" - 12/07/16 - Romans 8-10

"How could they miss it?

 Because instead of trusting God, they took over.
They were absorbed in what they themselves were doing.
They were so absorbed in their "God projects"
that they didn't notice God right in front of them,
like a huge rock in the middle of the road.
And so they stumbled into Him and went sprawling."(9:32)

It isn't just during the holiday season anymore where we find ourselves rushing through life.  It seems to be a 365 days a year thing. 

Life is passing us by at a very brisk clip.  And the older we get, the faster the clip.
And the faster the clip, more often than not, life will pass by in a blur. 

It used to be I was involved in a number of events, activities, clubs, associations, etc.  If there was the need for a volunteer, my hand would be raised before my eyes checked my calendar.  Spare time wasn't on the agenda and my life started to suffer.  So did my relationship with my ABBA. my family.  my friends. 

I was so torn between "doing", I wasn't enjoying life.  And it was showing. 

It used to be I needed to be "doing" as a method to try and build up my self worth.  I had fallen into the trap of  "doing" all these "God projects" for my glory - not His. 
Until one day, I "stumbled into Him and went sprawling."

Thankfully, He lifted me up and gave me a talking to.  He showed me the why I was trying to do it all.  He forgave me in my mess of trying to make it all about my glory, and transformed my heart to "do" all for His Glory.  He gave me encouragement to get up and start walking again.  He has never left my side - even after all the times I did and still mess up. 
He also taught me a wonderful word. 

He has opened my eyes to see when I put down my hand to volunteer, there is someone else He has chosen to use in my place.  That is one of the reasons He has such a large family!  In my wanting to build up my own self worth, I was robbing another of "doing" for His Glory. 

In the past few years since I have begun to say "no" and "yes", I am able to look back and see where exactly He has used me, is leading me, and how His Glory is shining through.  Life isn't a mess anymore.  It isn't passing by in such a blur, but many a moment I am drinking in.  Savoring. 

Throughout the all of this, He has taught me to trust "in" Him and live His way - not mine.  He has shown me how following His lead is much like connecting the dots in where His steps have and are taking me.  How life really is lived best when we don't try and take it over. 
Living for His glory - not our own. 

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