Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Sabbath Is Essential" - 01/25/17 - Exodus 22-24

"Work for six days and rest the seventh so your ox and donkey may rest and your servant and migrant workers may have time to get their needed rest."(Exodus 23:12)

 A few years ago, Nichalas taught me of the importance of taking time for Sabbath. He was so right. Our society has come so far away from taking a Sabbath.

The Sabbath isn't about a day - it is taking time to rest daily "in" Him - "in" His Word.

It is a time to worship.  It is a time for the adoration and praise of God.  A time to pray.

Too busy, too selfish, too "self". Everything worldly points to hurry up, just do it, fill every minute up with work, school, activities, etc. Just go, go, go. And satan loves that.

And the more "busy" we become, the less "Sabbathing" we do.

 Too fast, too soon is the speed of life. Before we know it we are looking back and realizing we are past middle age. Less time ahead of us than behind.
How much of that living was spent "Sabbathing"?

We are told to pray without ceasing. Do we? For the past 18 years I have tried to Sabbath each morning "in"  Him. The heart transformation experienced through being in His Word every day is mind blowing. It has helped me so much in not being as anxious, to let go of "my" schedule and follow Him. To see that all does work out.

Whenever I see someone who is on constant go, looking anxious, tired, frazzled, I just want to shout, "Stop - Sabbath In Him".

I know it doesn't make sense, so much about Him doesn't.

 That is where the faith, trust, and focus come in as our tools. Amazing how when we spend a block of time resting "in" Sabbath with Him each  day, it begins. The peace and joy. The Fruits of The Spirit take hold and rule our lives. Priorities change. Things are accomplished. We become blessed with a structured life.  Even in the middle of this chaotic world.
And I find the world looks on in wonder, because it really should not work that way. Taking time to Sabbath In Him should put us behind and it only puts us ahead.

 We have to Sabbath.

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