Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Stop. Look. Listen" - 01/18/17 - Exodus 1-3

"God saw that he had stopped to look."(3:4)

As I studied this passage, He gave me a word picture.  I could see the burning bush on the side of the mountain, tucked a bit out of the way from where Moses was herding the sheep.  The flames had caught his eye, but the most important part of this  passage is, "he had stopped to look". 

And I was immediately hit in my heart, how often do I "stop to look"? 

Stop to look -  and see Him, in His Majesty, placed everywhere about me? 

Stop to look -  and then draw close to "stand on Holy Ground"? 

Stop to look - and quiet my mind, my mouth, so I may hear and take in His Words? 

How often do I miss His "Burning Bush", as I hurry through "my schedule".

ABBA had the burning bush planted in one spot.  He didn't have it leaping about the landscape, trying to stop Moses in his tracks.  And then I wonder if He would have resorted to this tactic, if Moses had continued on. 

I wonder how many "Burning Bushes" He has put before our steps, because we didn't stop? 

The "Burning Bushes" which are in reality, His "Divine Appointments".

I used to get upset because I couldn't cross off the items on "my" to do list because something (or someone) always came up and I had to switch off of the route "I" had planned out for the day.  Because of our line of work, winter is the best time to get caught up on the things I had put off during our busy seasons.  Each year, I look forward to going through our home, reorganizing and purging, getting rid of "stuff" that is taking up spaces, not only in our closets, but in my life.  ABBA has become so much of my "I Am", I am finding I no longer need "stuff" to fill the voids in my life. 

No longer am I placing my worth in accumulations.  No longer am I allowing the "stuff" in life to run my life.  It isn't that our home looks like a total mess, I am just becoming more and more convicted to simplify my life. 
He has shown me throughout the years, many times over, life is fleeting.  He is changing my heart to live as though my next breath could be my last and I am striving to get our home, the business, shop, in order, so when my last breath does happen (and it will), Curt, Adam and Ashley, Nichalas and Amber, Charlie, Ella and any others He puts into our family, are able to focus on each other - not the stuff. 

So, like Moses, instead of sheep, I am herding "stuff" out the door.  I am enjoying the cleaning out the dust, creating bare spaces on the shelves, empty drawers, and loving it.  It is so refreshing and comes with the blessing of freedom. He motivates me to utilize the free time He does give me, to be a better steward in the ridding of stuff.  

Yes, we are to be a good steward of our stuff but we are not to let it become more important than the "Burning Bush" He has tucked away, or put into the middle of our path.   Interruptions come and I have learned they are His "Divine Appointments".  Each day I now am excited to see what He has lined up for "our" day. 

But, it isn't just about the physical aspect of our lives either.  He places  the "Burning Bush" in our soul, our mind, our heart, as well.  It is so easy to get into our comfort zone, our routine, and easily miss out or even ignore the "Burning Bush". 
The "Burning Bush" surrounded by Holy Ground. 
The place where He wants us to be barefoot and totally focused on Him. 
The place where He is our "I AM". 

The place where we need to live.. 

It is only by living in the presence of His Burning Bush and rooted into His Word that we are able to become all He has designed each one of us to be.  It is there in His Holy Ground we learn His Truth.  Where our hearts are transformed. 

He will fill each of us with the opportunity to be at His "Burning Bush".
But it is up to us to stop.  look.  listen. 

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