Wednesday, January 04, 2017

"To Love Without Expectations" - 01/04/17 - Genesis 12-15

“Don’t be afraid, Abram. I’m your shield. Your reward will be grand!” (Genesis 15:1)

We were talking about loving someone who doesn't love you back. I still remember the impact of her words, "LOVE without expectations".
"LOVE without expectations".
I had never thought about LOVING in this manner before.
It can be a fearful way of living when opening your heart and LOVING - everyone.
Yet, such is the way our Christ LOVED and continues to LOVE. He reacts to all actions with kindness. He LOVES unconditionally regardless of the conditions - regardless of if His LOVE is reciprocated or rejected. He LOVES with His heart and arms wide open.
He LOVES each one of us without expectations.
I continually strive to walk away from the sin of pride, self righteousness, anger, bitterness, defensiveness and LOVE as our Christ. It breaks my heart the times I have allowed my "self" to dictate how I "love". When I don't see past "self" and fail to see the situation as a great opportunity for Him to shower His LOVE through the using of me. There are times when I do not love without expectations. There are times when I become fearful and fall back upon my old self defense strategies, instead of using His spiritual battle plan. And during those times, I am thankful my soul feels sick. I am thankful for His helping me to repent, so I may be at the ready for the next time. I am thankful for His Grace and Mercy for the times I still fail.
He knows my heart desires to become more like Him with each breath I take.
And isn't it wonderful knowing He is bigger than all of our failures. That He allows us numerous "second chances" with our repenting hearts. Knowing each moment He is preparing us for the next opportunity. Knowing without doubt we are forgiven and knows our hearts desire unity in Him for all.
He shows us over and over, we must - must - LOVE as He does.
We must - must - LOVE like this because it is what is best for our growth in Him.
For His growing in others.
I wonder then, when we profess to LOVE and accept The LOVE of our ABBA, how then are we able to be so selfish and not LOVE without expectations?
Our transformation takes constant focusing on His face, trusting He will shield us in the opening of our hearts as we LOVE as He has shown us.. Utilizing The Wisdom we have/will receive from His Word. Obeying the guidance of The Holy Spirit. Living and LOVING as Christ did and does. Living and LOVING without fear. Seeing our "grand reward" isn't about the material stuff, but about Him and us.
There is such hope and peace we receive when the desires of our hearts are in align with what He wants. Even during those times we fail, He still knows we desire to become more like Him..
To LOVE without expectations.

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