Sunday, March 19, 2017

"He Is Truth" - 03/17/17 - Joshua 22-24

"Not one word failed
from all the good words God spoke
to the house of Israel.
Everything came out right." (21:45)

Have you found it is hard to determine whom is speaking truth? 

Even with self
truth is not spoken 100% of the time.
Most often the lies we tell ourselves are more damaging than all other sources of lies combined.
It is amazing the power of letters making up words.
 At times when lies prevail, they seem more powerful than truth.
But, eventually Truth does prevail

and in all ways.

What words do we stand firm on? Live our life by? Use for guidance? Obtain Wisdom from?

Each day words from various sources bombard our minds, infiltrating into our being.
Do we offset the lies with His Truth?

We must fill ourselves with His Words each and every day for they are a needed life/living support system.

 It is the only way we are able to know His Truth.

No matter the situation - everything does come out right when we walk in His Truth. At times it may seem the lies are winning, but He really is in control.
There is an absolute freedom in knowing -
His Truth has and always will
set us free.

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