Friday, March 17, 2017

"Our Helper" - 03/13/17 - Joshua 9-11

"The men of Gibeon sent word to Joshua camped at Gilgal, “Don’t let us down now! Come up here quickly! Save us! Help us! All the Amorite kings who live up in the hills have ganged up on us.”  (10:6)

Fear only comes in when we allow doubt to become injected into our hearts.  Doubt that God is in complete control.   Doubt that He is bigger. 

It is then we need to call out in Him for help. 

But not because of fear. 
Because of faith in knowing He is "I AM". 

He has our back, front, and sides. 
He Loves us and wants only what is best for us. 

"Joshua told them, “Don’t hold back. Don’t be timid. Be strong! Be confident! This is what God will do to all your enemies when you fight them.” (10:25)

At times when our focus is upon our enemies, they seem bigger than what they really are.  Bigger than life so to speak,  because we allow them to overtake, consume us.  We have taken our focus off of our ABBA and realize there isn't any way we are able to defeat the enemy on our own. 

In trying to overtake the enemy on our own, "self" always comes in and love goes out.  We become intent on revenge and destruction.  Usually for our glory and not His.  "Self" begins to feed from the rotten fruits of the world and not the nourishing Fruits of The Spirit.  "Self" will miss there may be some enemies He doesn't destroy because He is using us to bring them to Him. It is in the moments of "self" we forget "in" Him we are invincible.  .  

 He tells us to stand firm when putting on His armor.  Stand firm against the enemy.  Don't take the attacks personal - it's not about "us". We" are ABBA's most treasured creation and satan in his great hatred towards God is only using "us" to hurt our ABBA.  satan doesn't care one iota about "us".  His only intention is snuffing out His Light we allow to shine when "in" Him - for Darkness does not like The Light. 

And during those times of spiritual warfare, our ABBA constantly protects us - because of His great Love for us.

As long as we are on this earth in the midst of spiritual warfare,  we need to call out to God for reinforcement.  We need to cast aside the doubt satan is offering up and realign our focus onto Him.

Knowing, without doubt, as we fight in the battles, we stand in the winning side of The War.

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