Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Heart Free" - 07/20/17 - Psalm 119:1-88

"I run in the path of Your commands, for You have set my heart free".(32)

I love all His days given to me, but I love storms.  I love rainy days. 

I love the coziness that comes from being on the inside looking out through the windows, knowing I am safe and warm inside.  I love the memories tucked into my heart.  One I treasure most is when the boys were young, after a downpour, along with Jacob and Lucas, we went outside and played in the water running down the street on its way to the river.  We made little boats out of paper and sticks to have races.  We were soaked to the bones from the splashing.  Laughter filled the air. 

I love the refreshment which comes from the warm, gentle summer popup showers, pouring down upon me, hot and sweaty from working outside.  I love dodging through the big fat drops, trying to take cover before the solid sheet of water I see in the horizon meets me face to face. 

I love water. 

An essential physical life source.  As are His commands. 

I love how His Word transforms our heart, as the rains transform a plant drooped over in dryness into one standing firm and tall, refreshed. 
I love how His Word gives us the promises and Truth deep within our heart, as the rains penetrate into this earth. 

I love how His Word tells us we are covered with His Grace and Mercy through the Blood of our Savior, as the rains pouring down. 

I love how His Word has given us a new way of living.  Just as the rains.

Our dearest ABBA,

I love to run in the path of Your commands, as I love running in the depths of the waters, making its journey to the rivers, seas, and oceans after a hard rain.

I love drinking You in, as I taste the coolness of Your pure water raining down upon my upturned face. 

I love You have set my heart free in Your Love, as the rains coming down from the heavens.

I love we are Your Beloved.

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