Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"We - His Treasure" - 07/23/17 - Psalm 133-139

"Who makes lightnings for the rain; Who brings forth the wind from His treasuries."
Psalm 135:7

I love the wind - I love storms - When I was young, I would sneak out and watch from our porch the magic in the sky.
I love the days when the wind is blowing so hard the plants are all bowing low to the ground.  The kind of day it doesn't pay to do your hair. Once when Adam and Nichalas were younger, we took an old water ski, added some old mower wheels, a pole with a sheet on it and went wind sailing on the road in front of our house. I am sure the neighbors were wondering - but we had a blast. All be it our design had some major faults, it was a day we put into our "treasure chest" - our hearts.

On days when I am very hot and sweaty, and I feel the wind caressingly touch my face - I drink it in as a kiss from our Daddy. That He is there with me in my work, watching over me, leading me, keeping me.   
It seems as though we haven't had too many days this year without the wind. It has hindered my spraying, causing some drift damage, or not being able to spray at all. And yet, because of Him, I am okay with that. He has helped me remove "my" schedule and accept His. That instead of looking at it as a day of getting behind, it is a day to see His power and glory.
So often, He has helped us with the wind in our work. Many days we do not have to blow the clippings from the walks - He does. There are often times while trimming trees - He removes the leaves we would normally have to rake up. Or this spring when the grass was so tall, His mighty wind blew it so far out from our mowers there wasn't much laying on the lawns.
There are times when the wind reminds me of when I am walking to "self" and not Him, those are the moments when I am all wind and no blow.
That only when He is our God - is there any real Power.

I think about this verse often when I am out working - "He brings forth the wind from His treasuries".

His treasuries.

That He considers the wind a treasure. I am amazed at all He finds a treasure.
Particularly when I think about me. That He holds me as one of His most prized treasures.

That He holds me.  That He holds you.  That He holds each and every one of us.

In His "Treasure Chest"

His heart.

What an awesome Daddy we have.


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