Sunday, July 30, 2017

"We Belong" - 07/29/17 - Proverbs 10-12

"The LORD will not allow the righteous to hunger"(10:3)

Most times, our home is very quiet as only Curt and I are living here. 
But then there are times when it is overflowing with voices, little and big footsteps, laughter and the sounds of people.  When furniture is full and floor space is limited.

There are times when we put all the leaves into the table, the kitchen countertops are loaded down with food, and I can feel the filling up of my heart and soul.

These are moments our ABBA is filling me up with the love from my "soul family".

These are the times we are being fed the food of love.  of joy.  and of Wisdom. 
How much I grow and delight in the special persons whom He has given me as part of my heart.  Just like food, He knows how my soul needs nourishment.  He knows memories being made become treasures in my heart to sustain me during times of drought.  Like a cool drink of water for a parched soul they are.
It delights me when we have people unexpectedly drop by for a visit.  Most every Wednesday night our home is filled with  members of our "soul family" as we gather to study and share fellowship, bonding, falling deeper in love with our ABBA, as we grow through His Word. 

This home.  It is His. 
It is His and we are blessed, honored, beyond words to use it for Him.  For His glory. 
We are blessed and honored, beyond words, to fill it up with our "soul family".  
To fill it up with those He has put into our lives. 
All the while, being fed by Him. 

It is the little moments that are really the grand events in life. 

It is the many ways He feeds me.  His Word each day I take of it and chew on it throughout my days.  Constantly my eyes fall upon persons or things and His Word is brought into my thoughts.  He feeds me.  Through the love and honor from those He surrounds me with. 
How I delight in the food of life He gives me.
The everlasting food of His Love through the many members of His family.

Thank you my ABBA.  For knowing.  for providing.   
"The LORD will not allow the righteous to hunger"

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