Saturday, July 08, 2017

"Only Then" - 07/08/17 - Psalms 66-69

"I love You more than I can say.
Because I'm madly in love with You,
They blame me for everything they dislike about You. (69:6)

 Words.  How inadequate are mine in trying to express to our ABBA my love for Him. 
Actions.  How often they fail to convey what is in my heart for Him.
Thoughts.  How often they slip away from their focus on Him and onto myself.

Loved.  By Him.  More than we can ever love Him back. 
Covered.  By Him.  Unconditionally He covers our repentive heart.
Lead.  His.  To be less of "me" and more of Him.
Held.  Forever.  Eternally. 
In the palm of His Hand.

For the all of "me".
To be at this place. 
To be at this point. 
To be so madly in love with ABBA. 
For Him to be our only Idol. 

For Him to be our ALL.

To be all we worship. Adore. Desire.

It is only then, are we able to see the Spiritual warfare raging all about us. 
It is only then, are we able to stand firm and not take attacks personal. 

To see beyond the persons, their actions, and see their souls. 
Crying out for Him.  And pray.  For them. 

Only then, are we able to Love as He loves.

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