Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"Parts of My Heart" - 07/24/17 - Psalms 140-145

"Make our sons in their prime
    like sturdy oak trees,

Our daughters as shapely and bright
    as fields of wildflowers.

Fill our barns with great harvest,
    fill our fields with huge flocks;
Protect us from invasion and exile—
    eliminate the crime in our streets.

How blessed the people who have all this!
How blessed the people who have God for God!"(144:12-15)
While painting the front porch last evening I heard a noise in the drive, but there was nothing there when I turned to look.  Thinking it was our flag flapping in the breeze I went back to painting.  A few minutes later the front door opened up and I could see our Adam's feet from my position in the cherry picker. 
My heart smiled. 
He began teasing me for not seeing him as he rode right behind me on his bike. 
My heart laughed.
He and Ashley had gotten home earlier in the day and slept after being up for 24 hours.  It was so wonderful to just sit and listen to him share about their trip.  Their time with Nichalas and Amber, Brandon and Jessica and their kids.  How Nichalas was surprised Adam had grown a beard with him beginning the day they started their hike.  How Nichalas was a bit jealous because Adam has better facial hair.  All the sights they took in, places they ate, the people, the scenery, and other little bits of info he wanted to share. 
There were moments when I could feel tears of joy come to the surface while listening to him share about his time spent with persons so important to him.  Who he is so in love with.  I whispered up thanksgiving that both of our sons are sharing life with their wives.  Making memories.  Together.  The four of them.
I love knowing how close this next generation is.  How their children will grow up sharing life. With God as their center.   
The one thing I asked for was a picture of the four of them.  It seems as though my eyes can never get enough of them. 
So full is my heart of them. 
"How blessed the people who have all this!
How blessed the people who have God for God!"

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