Monday, July 31, 2017

"We - His So Loved" - 07/31/17 - Proverbs 16-18

"but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." (18:24)

There are moments, such as those yesterday, when I will sit and just drink in those about me as we are gathered together in worship to our ABBA.  My heart comes near to bursting, tears of overwhelming joy threaten to spill out, as I take in the beauty of my loved ones surrounding me.  Loved ones who have a part of my heart.  Bonded together in blood and His Blood.
He has filled my life with a taste of what His Love is like through His family. 
I am greeted with ones who love me.  Ones who delight in me.  Ones who want to share life with me.  Ones who lift me up.  Ones who encourage me.  Ones who hold me accountable.  Ones whom are His.

How He has filled my life and heart with His family whom have become my eternal brothers/sisters.  My dear friends. How my heart smiles at the thought of so many I see in my minds eye. 
It constantly astounds me how loved I am by so many. 
Ones who have opened up their lives and hearts and allow me the honor and blessing to become part of their lives.
Yes.  My life is full of immeasurable riches. 
I know those whom He showers love upon us through and we grow in relationship with, are a constant reminder of THE One who Loves us even more so.  THE One who unconditionally loves us more than we can imagine.  
They are but an inkling of The Love from THE One - who desires to become our bestest friend.
He has.  He does.  He will.
Our Jesus.  Our Savior. 
"THE Friend.  Who sticks closer than a brother".

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