Saturday, July 29, 2017

"Our Fruits" - 07/28/17 - Proverbs 7-9

It's through Me, Lady Wisdom, that your life deepens, and the years of your life ripen.  
Live wisely and Wisdom will permeate your life (9:11-12)

Some years ago, it was while sitting in the service, the casket in the front of the room, hearing the words of the minister, I can still remember how it was another moment of a vivid reminder all of us will die. As I am aging, it seems there are more and more funerals we attend.  That "we are the next generation in line" is rapidly approaching. 

Curt and I find ourselves discussing our funeral plans and needing to buy a cemetery plot part of our conversation, whereas those thoughts were fleeting in the years past.  Each day brings another awareness.  From the moment of conception.  We begin the process of dying.

Often I ponder how am I using my life?  What will I be leaving behind?  What will be my legacy?

"your life deepens"

"and the years of your life ripen" 

"will permeate your life"

I love these words.  Knowing through His Love Letter, The Bible, we receive the gift of Wisdom.  I love how He has given His children the true drink of living.  How He has quenched our thirst, and no longer are we wandering on this journey, but headed with purpose on the path to Him.  With Him. 

If you look, we are able to tell much about a person at their funerals by their fruits.  By the relationships we are able to look in on.  To those whom ABBA was their life, in their fruits we see the delight of life, even through the sorrows, it shows in their smiles.  Smiles which come from their hearts, light up their eyes, and spread joy to those around them.  Even in their grief.  They never lose the hope.  the peace.  the joy. 

 I often come away from my time in His Word with questions of what kind of woman am I.  What memories and tools am I handing down.  Do I delight in life?  Does my fruit show this too? 

I come away knowing our precious ABBA is our Father.  The perfect Father.  He has given us the gift of Wisdom - one of the many perfect tools we need to bear His Fruit in our short time on this earth. 

I come away knowing what a legacy He has given us.  Passing on The Gift of Him.

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