Thursday, April 28, 2005

Age will happen to all of us.

My aunt was telling us about her friend, Doris, and how her parents are getting older. Her father called her the other morning, very angry at her mom. He insisted that she had picked up his glasses, put them somewhere and now could not remember where. Doris said she would get dressed and hurry over.

Her father met her at the door and for the first time, she saw him very angry at her mother. As they searched the house, he kept insisting that her mother had put them somewhere. After looking in the garage and some of the out building and still no glasses, Doris commented that they may just have to get him another pair. Her mother mentioned again to them that she too may need new glasses as her vision had gotten worse recently and her glasses weren't helping.

Doris then looked at her mother and asked for how long. Her mother told them since last night. Doris looked at her dad and asked how long his glasses had been missing. He said since last night. Doris looked at her mom and said, "Mom, you've got dad's glasses on."


Doris was unable to go to the doctor with her parents for her mom's appointment, as she had to work in the field. She asked them to stop by on their way home and let her know what the doctor had said. As they pulled up along side the field, she shut off the tractor, got off and went over to her mom's side of the car. After saying hello, she asked her mom what the doctor said.

She said, "I don't know, you know that I don't understand all that medical talk."

Doris then asked her dad if he knew.

He said, "I don't know, you know that I can't hear much of anything."

Later on her husband told her that he felt from now on she had better make sure she goes to all future appointments.



ret said...

Really loved that first story. Sweet. I remember my grandma calling my mom being frantic there were strangers in their house. Mom would run down the block to find out it was just the wrestling channel.

John and Shawna are going to have a field day with me.

deby said...

Man girl, just about made me pee my pants!

Anonymous said...


Saw your beautiful sons today at Pizza Hut. Haven't seen them in a while...

Valerie Dykstra said...

I read a story once about Billy Graham getting really angry with his wife Ruth for misplacing his pants. He ranted and ranted saying he had laid them on the bed the night before and now they weren't there. She let him finish his rant and then said, "Billy, have you thought to look down?" He looked down, and of course had his pants on.

deby said...

isn't it a relief to know that only God is perfect!