Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I am so very amazing!

For the past week and a half, my mower has been cutting funny. Uneven, scalps when I turn, nice stuff you know. After checking the tire pressure, if my blades were on tight, etc. I thought perhaps the deck was unlevel, so I took the time, energy to raise it in the area that it seemed to be dragging. Upon completing this task, I was so very proud of myself, as the deck is heavy and I had to let it off the chain, lift it back up and attach the chain.

I am so very amazing.

It still cut funny. By now I wasn't so very impressed with my super abilities and resorted to the acknowledgement that what I had done, had not fixed the problem.

I swallowed my pride and went before my husband, Curt, asking him to please check it out.

He did.

Rather baffled by the change in the deck chain, he observed (and commented) very quickly that my adjustment wouldn't improve the cut. So much for my amazing talents.

He got down on the ground to check under the deck. I am standing there waiting. He looks up at me. I look at him. He shakes his head. I ask what. He looks under the deck again. I ask what. He looks at me, shakes his head. "You have your blade on upside down."

You know, Curt is so very amazing. He can fix just about anything. Thank the Lord I didn't have to take my mower to a repair person. Curt saves me a lot of money.

Curt is so very amazing!


ret said...

I was impressed even if you didn't get it fixed. I'm guessing he'll have fun with this one...

deby said...

thankfully he is so used to my "amazing abilities" that he has too many to hold over me.

Actually, is this something to be thankful about?

Anonymous said...

Really amazing!
I have a couple of light bulbs that
need changing...do you think you
can change them for me.

deby said...

loretta - block your ears as I know you don't like this language. Kevin, I KNOW you can handle this


Unknown said...

That is too funny. Man. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at??