Monday, January 23, 2012

01/07/12 - consequences

Gen 21:8-24;67
Thank you - so many emotions. Abraham sending Hagaar and Ishmael away. He was greatly distressed - yet he did as you instructed. Consequence of doing things "our" way. You provided for them to live - sacrifice of Isaac. Abraham's faith that you would provide - he carried out your instructions to the end. Faith that you'd provide a sacrifice - you did. And how the servant had faith in saying what would happen to finding a wife for Isaac - and he did. The same way I talked about finding an apartment for Adam - and you told me to sit back and watch you in action.

Please may I remain focused on you and how you have/do provide. to not have faith in money or stuff, but you. To be comforted by you when I ache from not seeing the boys. How Abraham must have felt, Rebecca's family. I went to sleep last night angry at another person. Thank you for helping me see that I am allowing her to consume me instead of you. I really must focus on you - be faithful and thankful. To look beyond my eyesight and let go. I will! getting there - You have given me progress!

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