Monday, January 23, 2012

01/20/12 - nothing better

Job 7

Started reading another translation - The Message. love this! Job 7 sounds so like me when I was so full of anger towards you regarding my childhood. I am so thankful you are pulling me out of self-pity and anger. Job was such a warrior. I am so thankful you have opened my heart to a book I used to not like - dread reading. Today - I love all of your Word.

Job lost everything - everything but you. He was angry, but didn't turn away from you. He came and spoke to you - he had an intimate relationship with you and spoke freely. I am thankful that I have that too. I pray that you'll lead me to those you want me to disciple - to show/teach just how wonderful and awesome and intimate relationship with you is. To draw near to you - there is nothing better!

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