Wednesday, January 25, 2012

01/25/12 - My Daddy

Job 23:16 "Is it any wonder that I dread meeting him? Whenever I think about it, I get scared all over again.God makes my heart sink! God Almighty gives me the shudders!"

How thankful I am to be In Christ, who I am resting In. My "defense lawyer", who has already won my case. My bridge to you - so I may have an intimate relationship with you. You - who are "I AM".

It blows me away when I think that YOU desire me. YOU - the creator of all, the God of all, the Most High - desire and love - me. For always have you done so - and for always - you shall continue to love me and draw me closer to you. I love that at any time I may climb up into your lap and share my joys, sorrows, just share. I love that YOU are my Daddy - my Abba.

You have been leading me to see my focus/faith/trust continually needs to be in you. You are helping me to take off, lay down and leave behind the burdens satan, and myself, have "shoulded" me into carrying all these years. Your Son has cleansed me whiter than snow.

As I shed the past, the anger, bitterness, shame - how delightful it feels. Youthful. It makes my heart and spirit feel youthful. The burdens I take on, the darkness of sin not only weighs me down, it ages me. I think of my friends who live/focus/delight in you, and their eyes - the windows of their soul - are so bright they twinkle. I want that. They are forever youthful. I am so thankful you are transforming me. That as I drink you in, delight transforms me.

How I love and adore you.

I've decided I need to keep a log of how Curt touches my heart, makes me smile - laugh each day - as I forget. Thank you for the smiles in my heart. You gave to me such a gift - all that I needed - in him - my Curt. Thank you - for I do so love him, our sons and daughter.

What a blessed life I have -

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