Monday, January 23, 2012

01/13/12 - resentment or love

Gen 35:6 "Esau took all he had and moved away from Jacob to the hill country because when combined all their belongings were too much for the land to sustain them."

I wonder how their relationship was - if Esau held resentment. Jacob was in his birthplace, his rightful inheritance, which he had established since Jacob was gone. I wonder if Esau ever said, "Jacob, Jacob, Jacob" like "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia"...... Was he a godly man who accepted and thanked God? Were they close in later years?

  There are people I struggle with apathy towards. I'm almost at the stage where I feel nothing - when I know I need to pray for them. Please help me set myself aside and love/see them  as you do.  That I will give over to you "buttons" that no longer can be pushed.  As I write this, I know I am only doing so because I'm "supposed" to. My heart is hardened towards them as a protection. Bitterness/anger replaces the love that needs to be there - a lot of scar tissue. I pray for faith and trust in your removing the protection I developed and replace it with your protection of love.

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