Monday, January 04, 2016

"Christ our High Priest - The Bridge Builder" - 01/04/16 - Job 1-5

"But shouldn’t your devout life give you confidence now?
Shouldn’t your exemplary life give you hope? (4:6)

“‘How can mere mortals be more righteous than God?
How can humans be purer than their Creator? (4:17)

Good, kind, sweet, all you want - it isn't the "Golden Ticket" for entry.

It is only through Christ we gain entry into heaven - we will fail on our own.

Self-confidence is just that - confidence in self.  Why would any one want to put their total stake into themselves?  A mere human - one who is nothing without Him.  One who is ever changing with the tides.  One who isn't able to do it all on their own - regardless of the situation.  God made us to need Him and to need each other. 

A sin is a sin - there isn't any greater or lesser levels - all sin separates us from God. 

All sin. 

And as a human - we will/do sin. 
No matter how hard we strive not to - we will fail. 
No matter how committed you are to Him, devout of a life you lead. 
Even if you can stand and say you have an "exemplary life" - it is not enough. 

We are mere mortals - never shall we be more righteous than God. 


We are unable to be purer than our Creator. 

It is only through our Savior that we are saved.

He is who we have to have our confidence and hope in. 
He is the only way that our sins are covered. 
Wiped away. 
Joining us back to God. 

Through Christ - God sees us pure and holy. 
Outside of Christ - we are sin. 

Because God is Holy and Pure - He can not be a part of sin. 

Only through and in Christ are we able to obtain "The Golden Ticket" to Heaven. 

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