Friday, January 22, 2016

"Our Boss" - 01/22/16 - Genesis 30-31

“In the twenty years I’ve worked for you" (31:38)

Curt and I each had our first jobs when we were quite young.  Being raised on farms, this wasn't all that unusual.  In today's world it would be called child labor or even abuse, but I would not  trade the experience for the world. 

I love that I am a farm girl.  It has taught both of us the value of hard work, to be resourceful in tight situations, the joys and hardships of working in the elements, and most importantly - to wait for the harvest.  It taught us how to work with others and alone.  To recognize how we were part of a chain contributing to the care of others.  If we didn't work, someone else had to pick up the jobs and still do their own.  It taught us the importance of a person's word, the helping out of others and allowing others to help you out.  To be part of a community - yet still be on your own.   

It also taught me the difference between the big and little farmers.  The ways in which some accumulated their wealth and the ways some lost it.  I recognized very early on farming is a gamble.  You depended on so many elements for your "paycheck" at the end of the year - the weather, the soil, the markets, your equipment not breaking down, on timing.  Through the hard physical work, it strengthened my body to do the jobs I do today. 

God has blessed our business throughout these past 19 years.  He has taken it and grown it, even when the economy is failing.  Only because of Him.  Yes, we do work hard, but He is the one in
control.  In the early years I used to become so anxious and worried about bills, savings, the future. 

Not anymore.  

It isn't because we have grown rich in the sense of the world, it is because of growing more intimate with Him I finally recognized the fact this isn't our business - it is His and I rest in that.   

We work for Him - He is The Boss.  

In every single aspect of life - it is up to Him.  I pray and turn it over to Him with every bid I send out,  knowing it doesn't matter if the figures are right, etc.  The job becomes ours only if He wants us to have the work.  He has opened my eyes when working for self/man you really never get ahead.  I have found it isn't about the bank account or the status of the business, it is how my relationship is with Him. He has taken me from depending on the dollar for my security, my worth, my sense of being and placed myself "in" Him. 

He has and is using us, our home, this business, our everything, as His vessels for us to be His Warriors.  To touch others lives in a way we wouldn't be able to otherwise.  He has blessed my life over and over through the relationships which have become - only because of His using the "everything" of us.

I am so thankful through our work of being farm kids we are able to recognize Him in the all of "everything".  Our working roots have helped us become a team for Him.  I am so blessed my Curt is on board of using everything to bless others.  In how he watches and looks forward to the ways our ABBA uses us in helping someone out "together".  I love the joy and strength which comes from being part of His team. 

So - Who is your Boss?  Who do you work for?  Where is your security?  What is the measuring stick for your work ethics, your work performance?  Do you depend on Him or the paycheck? 

Jacob worked for Labon 20 years.  And throughout that time Labon tried to take everything from Jacob.  God is bigger - He provided. 

And today, Curt and I work and it seems the government is doing its best trying to take everything from us.  Opening up our statements for investments reveals the economy isn't in a good place.  We are getting older, our bodies are showing the wear and tear of our labor, we are getting tired.  And I could worry about our future, but I don't. 

We continue onward as His team, being stewards of all He has blessed us with.  We continue to look for ways to serve Him.  

And we rest in Him knowing,  as He did for Jacob, He does and will provide.  

Only because our faith rests in the knowing.  Without doubt.  He is "The Boss"......

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