Monday, January 11, 2016

'Our Gift Giver" - 01/10/16 - Job 24-28

"God alone knows the way to Wisdom, He knows the exact place to find it.
He knows where everything is on earth, He sees everything under heaven.
After He commanded the winds to blow and measured out the waters,
Arranged for the rain and set off explosions of thunder and lightning,
He focused on Wisdom, made sure it was all set and tested and ready.
Then He addressed the human race:
'Here it is! Fear-of-the-Lord - that's Wisdom, and Insight means shunning evil.'"(28:23-28)
The gift of Wisdom is there for each of us.  Promised through the studying and consuming of His Word. 
After reading these verses in Job this morning, I picked up my "In Touch" publication to read today's devotional from the sermons of Charles F. Stanley.
I just love how ABBA pulls all things together through the Wisdom in His Word!
"The Way to Acquire Wisdom"
Knowledge is a prized commodity in the world, but more important than knowledge is Wisdom (Proverbs 8:11).  God wants us to view life from His viewpoint and evaluate everything according to Biblical principles.
How are believers to acquire this God-given insight?  The obvious answer is that we must seek it.  Too often, however, people who say they want to be wise do little to actually make that happen.  Like any worthwhile treasure, Wisdom must be actively pursued and carefully gleaned from its sources.
The first source is The Bible.  Proverbs teaches that we should pay attention to God's life-giving Words and hold His commands in our hearts (4:20-22).  These days information is broadcast with the slant of the people who packaged it.  The only way to know the right perspective - namely, God's - is to read His ancient "broadcast" and apply its principles (8:33).
Another source of Wisdom is the counsel of godly men and women (12:15).  The Lord at times brings fellow believers into our life to offer Biblical advice, encouragement, or reproof.  In Proverbs, those who ignore the words of a righteous person are labeled "fool."  Don't be foolish.  Surround yourself with other followers of Christ who are also seeking Wisdom as their treasure.
Our Heavenly Father ensures that those who seek Wisdom will find it (8:12, 17).  Diligent believers will discover they possess abundant treasure:  In addition to godly insight they'll have knowledge discernment, and prudence - rare riches in the modern world.  Use them well." 

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