Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"He Is The Source" - 01/20/16 - Genesis 25-26

"She went to God to find out what was going on." (Gen 25:22)

I stand in the supermarket line and my eyes wander over the covers of the magazines taking in the latest news.  There are affairs, divorce, weddings that cost millions, diets to make you thin yesterday, visits from aliens, the crash of the economy, and other tidbits of info. 
I listen to people in public places - eavesdrop if you will - not hearing the words, but the emotions of life all about me. 

A parent speaking lovingly to their child,  babies laughter ringing through the crowds.  The harsh yell a child receives from their caregiver, anger at the price of an item or the outrageous tax.  The voices of entitlement as rudeness prevails.  The grumblings, the snide remarks, the compliments, the happiness ringing out in seeing a long lost friend. 

I love to watch people - their eyes, their faces. Thinking about our ABBA creating each one of us in His image. Each one of us. With the exact same "ingredients". Yet, we are each "an original". 

Some who are so excited to walk through this world - even in a crowded place.  Some you can read anger, irritation as they bully their way through the crowd.  Others who are bent so low to the ground you are unable to take in their eyes, their face.  They walk without hope. 

The news is on and I wait.  I am waiting to hear it.  They report about all the bad, the evil in this place and so little about the good.  Is it no wonder our focus tends to be on the bad side of life? 

All these outlets of information to let me know what is going on. 

God designed me to be aware, to absorb - even when I don't want to.  As I listen to the voices of the world,  I am overwhelmed at times.  The state of this earth - so many do not even know His name - let alone Him.  The economy - no matter how hard we work and save - it is being taken away from us to be used by those who don't work. 

If I focus on the world, I could become so scared.

Where do I go to find out what is going on? 

"They "tumbled and kicked inside her" so much she turned to God." 

We walk in a world that is "tumbling and kicking" about us.  So much of it doesn't make sense as it goes against the Garden of Eden - the way He designed our world to be.  Before sin. 
There were times when I was so overwhelmed by the communication of this world, the emotions, the memories, the anxiousness about the future, the worries - I felt like I was on the treadmill of life - and it was at top speed.  I was so afraid of falling, not being able to keep up. 

Then I learned to go where it really matters. 

To Him for The Truth.  To dig into His Word and learn He is The Foundation and there is nothing new under the sun.  The world is made up of  lies which do nothing but spark fear within,  quickly turning into a raging fire - out of control. 

He has taught me, no matter what the world is presenting, He is bigger. 

He has trained my ears, eyes, heart to focus on Him, His ways. To look about and see Him in the crowds. In the despair, the anger, the fear - the evil - to see - He is there all around. I look and see He has placed His people - His Family - Warriors of His - which I am one of - at posts throughout this world. 
I went away from the world - "to God to find out what was going on".
I learned to "be still and know that He is God".

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