Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"In Awe of Him" - 01/13/16 - Job 35-37

"It's God's breath that forms the ice, it's God's breath that turns lakes and rivers solid". (37:10)

Standing at the patio doors, I could see them moving about at the bottom of the ravine.  Carefully, they made their way down to the small spring and stopped to drink in the cold water.  Looking about, nibbling at plants and nuts beneath the snows.  There were three of them this morning in the stillness of our woods.  Minutes passed by as I watched their graceful forms making their way beyond my eyesight. 
The winter landscape reminded me of a time when I was in Jr. High and a freeze came over the area after the rains.  The field next to our house was covered with a sheet of solid, smooth ice.  I can remember skating over the field in the dark under the moonlight.  The exercise keeping my body warm, my breath freezing in the air as it escaped from within my chest.  Although I wasn't much of a skater, I could manage to stay up and glide over the surface.  The best I ever got was to achieve a tight circle turnabout then going into a backwards skate. 

Today the sunshine is making diamonds on our snow covered lawn.  They sparkle and reflect everywhere my eyes rest, as I take in the beauty of His landscape.  Winter isn't my favorite season, but how much of His beauty He gives us in His freezing temperatures.  I love how He flocks the bare trees with an artistic flare after a heavy snow.  Amazed the thin branches don't break as they bow down before our ABBA.  How the footprints of His animals leave their mark, giving us a clue to where they have traveled during the night under the light reflected from His moon.  How the sounds are much clearer.  The air seems cleaner.  The cardinals puffed up and sunning themselves, their red is like a splash of paint against the snow.  Everything is so stark that anything with color is more vibrant to our eyes. 

I. love. His. nature.

A gift to us. 

And today, His verse took my breath away.
"It's God's breath that forms the ice, it's God's breath that turns lakes and rivers solid".

Never before had I thought about how when walking on ice, I am walking on what His breath has formed.  What a marvel knowing He is that close. 

He has transformed water with His breath - HIS BREATH - into something we are able to walk upon.

And like water, He has transformed my thoughts from complaining of the cold, fearful of the ice, yearning for the spring, to instead be in awe of Him. 

To look at winter as yet another sign - He is near.  He is here.  With us. 
And those of His - within us.

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