Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Living In Him" - 07/20/16 - Isaiah 31-34

"My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood - in safe houses, in quiet gardens." (32:18)

I slipped outside and sat down in one of the chairs on our front porch.  I love to watch storms.  The clouds were dark as they rolled in from the north.  Thunder kept beat to the lightening as it streaked across the sky.  Drops of rain began to gently fall, decorating the sidewalk in a haphazard pattern of polka dots. 
It had been such a hot day I could actually feel the heat pulling the moisture out of my body as I mowed in the bottoms.  I eagerly looked forward to His breeze coming in to kiss my face periodically.  While mowing in front of the caves, I fought the urge to stop and enjoy the coolness coming from beneath the hot surface of earth. 
Looking out across our lawn, I was thankful He had given me the motivation to mow our own lawn.  It had already been in need of a "haircut" and the rains would have really made it grow.  I sat and looked at the garden areas He has helped me create and thanked Him for watering the thirsty plants.  After mowing, I was too physically spent to water.  How He takes care of us. 
Even when the winds picked up, driving the rains beneath the porch roof and I went inside, I still felt safe.  In our home.  Watching the storm from the inside out. 
He has given us such a sanctuary here in this place. 
There isn't any place on our small acreage where I don't feel His presence.   Where I am not able to have communion with Him. 
Much like my walk "in" Him. 
No matter the storms I am facing.  No matter the quiet days.  No matter the sun kissed moments. 

What peace there is in feeling Him no matter where my steps take me.
No matter what walls we are within.
He is my "safe home" amongst the quiet garden of my heart. 
I am living in the safest neighborhood there is. 

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