Friday, July 29, 2016

"Transformed" - 07/29/16 - Isaiah 64-66

"So will your children
and your reputation stand firm." (Isaiah 66:23)

 Do you ever think about your reputation?  Not in a way that consumes you - causes you to live your life as someone else "thinks" you should, but what you leave behind?  Do you ever wonder what words are attached to the mention of your name?

When I was younger, I wasn't a Christian and I lived the way of the world.  Coming from a small town - everyone pretty much knew your business.  If they didn't, they made it up and said they of the reasons I enjoy Quincy.  It is big enough you don't know everyone - small enough to feel homey. 

My past has sometimes caused me to squirm in discomfort, embarrassment, etc. when running across someone from my yesterdays.  I imagine there may be a few eyebrows raised when persons find out I walk with our ABBA.  My past used to cause me to avoid certain places, afraid I'd see someone who knew the "old" me. 

Because of Him - today - I really don't care.  I care more about Him shinning through me and touching those He puts into my path.  My "Divine Appointments". 
I found a number of years ago that He has a marvelous way of using my "stumbling blocks" as His "stepping stones".  Because of my past life, He has used me to work with others who have made the same bad decisions.  I am able to have empathy toward situations they find themselves in and not be judgmental.

I also am able to know first hand about "second chances", which have become too numerous to count.

I am so thankful for His grace and mercy.  I don't take it for granted.  As He has done for me, I am continually trying to extend it to others as well.

He has also taken my life and turned it around to produce "good fruits".  Our sons, Adam and Nichalas,  both walk "in" and "with" Him as well as our daughter-in-loves, Ashley and Amber.  Adam and Ashley are raising up our grandchildren, Charlie and Ella, to "know" our ABBA.  I know our future grandchildren will be raised "in" Him as well. 
There is nothing more important to me - to know - really know - their souls are in the palm of His hand.  To know - really know - if they were to die right now, they are with Him....eternally.  I love the promise of this Scripture - that not only my reputation will stand firm - so shall our children. 

The world is such an evil place.  Tolerance is making so many sins "normal" and we tend to accept the worlds standards instead of standing firm In His Word.  I am thankful  the measuring stick we use,  more often than not, is His Word.  I am thankful my ABBA has urged me, from the first moments of being their mom, to feed them with His Word.  They may not read it everyday - but it is an essential part of their life, their hearts, their makeup - their foundation.  Just as it is mine.

 My heart sings knowing "we" are built on a foundation to stand firm in.  Eternally. 

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