Tuesday, August 09, 2016

"At Our Side" - 08/09/16 - Jeremiah 18-22

"But God, a most fierce warrior, is at my side."(20:11)

Warfare. The constant state of His children living on this earth.

 "Most fierce warrior".

What comes to your mind when you read this name for your ABBA?
One who loves, desires - you - more than anything.
One who gave His only Son - for you - to be with Him eternally - if you choose to be His.
One who conquered the grave - fought death - and won. For you.
One who gives eternal life - beyond this world - our temporary place of living life.
 Eternal. With Him. You.

ABBA has a way of putting things in perspective.
IF we listen to Him.
When we are in the midst of battle, at times it is hard not to be overwhelmed and we take our focus off of Him.  We then begin to see battles as "Goliath's" and believe they are bigger than our ABBA.  We  think we are fighting this war alone.
I think about men like Hitler. Just an ordinary man who rose to power slowly and steadily. Never thought of as a threat by many. Never thought he would direct such evil in the world. Such an example to see how satan works.

So often, we think we can overcome the "little sins" on our own.
We can't.
A sin is a sin. 

 Each and every sin is a foothold for the evil one.
 They will all snowball into an avalanche, if we don't eradicate them from the get go.
 If we try to do battle on our own.  

If we don't follow His lead, putting on each and every day His armor He provides for us.
If we don't allow Him to be in control of our life.

What comfort in knowing - He is bigger than any "Goliath".

For God, a most fierce warrior, is at my side.

THE most Fierce Warrior.
at my side. at your side.
Fighting for whom He loves most - us.

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